MATTONE | Jellis Craig

27-31 Gibdon Street, Burnley

Woven into Richmond’s eclectic urban fabric, MATTONE brings a sense of refined modernity to the rich diversity of its surroundings. The collection of 10 architecturally designed residences have been developed in like-minded collaboration with MAArchitects to gesture the heritage of their streetscape while articulating the rarity of their location within a quiet urban pocket with its own park.

MATTONE, derived from the Italian word for ‘brick,’ takes cues from the surrounding materiality balanced by geometric volumes, linear form and a continuation of the neighbourhoods leafy ambiance through an emphasis on landscaping. This mediation between existing and new has informed the approach across the team of creators, to realise a collection of innovative residences which seamlessly integrate into their locale.

Referencing the surrounding industrial and Victorian styles by celebrating their common materiality, brickwork is the cornerstone of MATTONE’s design. Drawing from the past, bricks are coaxed into modernity through decorative laying techniques and a matte white finish.


Stephen Bowtell

Sales Director - Projects

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