1095 Malvern Rd, Toorak

Defined by characteristics that command a change in perspective, ADA evokes and encompasses the very essence of a new life without compromise. Situated in Melbourne’s enchanting south-east, this curated collection of private residences is a contemporary interpretation of classical architecture, guided by a deep understanding of space, light and proportion.

Rich in natural beauty, and infused with timeless wonder, ADA adds to the cultural fabric of the historic and ever intriguing suburb of Toorak. The design draws on timeless principles and distills them in a striking work of architecture that’s robust, refined and beautiful to a fault. The building’s distinctive sculptural form is complemented by lush, layered landscaping that grounds the façade at street level and resonates with the area’s verdant topography, ensuring that ADA reflects the grace and grandeur of the finest Toorak homes.

Tailored for individuals who understand what makes the area unique, ADA is a rare opportunity befitting of its address. Situated in the heart of Toorak, it’s guided by the sensibilities that have come to define the neighbourhood, encouraging you to pause, reflect and experience life from a different angle.


Stephen Bowtell

Director, Project Sales

Jason de Stefano

Sales Consultant

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